Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sue Johanson talks Labiaplasty

I just saw this video on labiaplasty from Sue Johanson cable show. Ms Johanson, like many in the media, seems to assume all surgeons do them the way gynecologists have done them for many years by the "trim method." The "trim method" does reduce sensation. That is why I will not do them using that method. The various versions of modified wedge reductions do not reduce sensation. My patients are invariably pleased with their reductions. I follow them until they are back "in action."

Ms Johanson also fails to address the major reason women consider this operation: discomfort in clothing. When Labia minorae get really large, they hurt in underwear and can give the appearance of a "package" in gym clothing. I agree with the inference made in the clip that women should only consider this operation for internal reasons. Then again no partner of any of my patients to date has been the reason for her considering this surgery.

I usually like the excerpts I have seen from Ms Johanson's show. This one is just off the mark. Maybe it is from an old segment.

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John Di Saia MD

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