Saturday, April 23, 2005

C's labiaplasty story

To make this more interesting, here's the story of a patient upon whom I performed labiaplasty a few years ago:

"C" was a very attractive 23 year old woman who had had a child several months prior. Her delivery was assisted by a suction device (not uncommon in childbirth). After her delivery she noticed that her vaginal lips had become very swollen. Her lips had been larger than those of a few of her friends before this, but this swelling was extreme.

The swelling improved but her lips (while they got smaller) never became as small as they had once been. She became self-conscious of this when in tight clothing at the gym. As she tried to have sex a few weeks later, she noticed that it hurt as her lips would move in and out during relations. They were quite long.

She called a fair number (she said twenty) plastic surgery offices in our local area. No one was willing to see her. She called the office in which I was sharing space at the time. There was little oversight in this office which ultimately contributed to my leaving. She was given an appointment.

I met her and she explained her problem. At the time, I had not performed labiaplasty surgery and I was forthcoming on this point. She pleaded with me to figure something out. She was miserable.

We agreed that I would peruse the literature (the journals) and we would meet in a week. I found a few articles some of which appeared barbaric. There were a few that seemed reasonable in their descriptions of methods to address the problem.

We ultimately came to perform her operation and she was very happy. This was my first case. She indicated that I should put a section on this on my web site.

That page and her Pictures are Here.

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